Carna was founded by Cameron Decker to provide sustainable, affordable, and enjoyable fitness solutions. The programs offered are designed with the intent of having flexible coaching, complete access, and accountability with clients, along with customized nutrition and workout plans to help achieve clients' goals!



PT - 2-year experience


PT - 5-year experience
Nutritionist - 3-year experience


"Working with Cameron has been a game-changer for my fitness journey. He knows exactly how to challenge me even after 2 years while keeping me injury-free. He's an amazing trainer and I feel lucky to work with him."

"Without a doubt, Cameron is the most outstanding trainer I have ever worked with. He pays attention to my unique requirements, and as a result, I haven't had to go for physical therapy."

"Working with different trainers didn't bring me the results I wanted until I started training with Alli. In just two months, my photos show visible improvements in my physique and strength, thanks to exercise and a better diet. I have also gained greater balance that I haven't had in years."