Start Pic - 175lbs

End Pic - 190lbs

I didn't know where to start until I started training with Cameron. He really pushed me harder and put me in the right direction and really helped me fix my eating habits and changed my life forever.

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Start Pic - 208.8lbs

End Pic - 165lbs

Initially, Cameron provided me with a workout plan containing specific exercises. Although I didn't follow his diet plan initially due to personal preference, I managed to lose 45 lbs in six months. However, in order to achieve the desired physique, I eventually adjusted my diet to align more closely with his original recommendations. Additionally, I had severe arthritis in my right shoulder and other injuries. Working with Cameron significantly alleviated my joint pain by more than 90%. Thanks to his guidance, my strength has greatly improved. My initial maximum bench press was only 95 lbs, but I have now reached a maximum of 215 lbs under his training.

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Start Pic - 160.3lbs - Feb 21

End Pic - 152lbs - April 16

In February of this year, this client began their journey with Alli, focusing on weight loss, toning, and building confidence. Together, they gradually increased the client's calorie intake, transitioned to a well-balanced diet with appropriate macros, and implemented a consistent weight-training routine. By the end of their training period, the client had successfully shed over 8 pounds, experienced significant strength gains, boosted their confidence, and enjoyed increased energy levels, along with noticeable progress in body recomposition.

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First Pic - Sept 7, 2022

Second Pic - Oct 31, 2022

This client fully committed to working with Alli for a period of three months and achieved remarkable results, all while maintaining a balanced and enjoyable lifestyle. The main focus for this client was achieving body recomposition, improving gym performance, and developing a positive mindset. Even after the initial three-month program, the client has continued to make progress by utilizing the Nutrition/Exercise bundles and actively participating in Alli's monthly bootcamps.

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Highly recommend! Alli was very knowledgeable, kind, helpful and created a wonderful meal plan for me. Very thoughtfully made- she made sure to include foods I loved and exclude foods I didn’t while still staying within the desired macros. 10/10!

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