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Personalized Exercise Program

Personalized Exercise Program

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Tired of putting in effort but getting NO results? Can’t find workouts that you actually enjoy?

Carna is dedicated to creating an effective and specialized plan tailored toward your preferences AND your goals. Not only that, but we also consider your exercise history, injuries, schedule, and more to ensure your program is truly right for you.  

What is included with the Personalized Exercise Program?

This is a ONE TIME plan that we will personally design for you based on your preferences, lifestyle, and goals. Every program will include:

  • Mock Week-Long Exercise Program,” (a program we will create, let you try, then adjust for the finalized program to better suit you)
  • Information about Various Training Methods
  • Ways to Increase Intensity & Increase Growth/Strength
  • Explanations of Various Exercises and Substitutions
  • A Finalized Goal-Specific Workout Split
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